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Route Details

Day 1 - Hackett to Middy Hut via Roebuck hut, 20.7km +1200m -1150m
Day 2 - Middy Hut to Mt Fell Hut, 10km +1700m -550m
Day 3 - Mt Fell hut to Fishtail hut, 9.7km +960m -780m
Day 4 - Fishtail hut to camp below Mt Royal, 8km +960m -1000m
Day 5 - Mt Royal campsite to Fosters Hut, 9.3km +975m -1170m
Day 6 - Fosters Hut to Mt Sunday Biv, 5.5km +710m -580m
Day 7 - Mt Sunday Biv via Mt Riley to Onamalutu Camping Area, 11.7km +580m -1730m

A seven day, 75km solo tramp traversing the northern spine of the Richmond Range from Mt Fell to Mt Riley with over 7000m of elevation gain. Starting from the Hacket I first had to get across the range to the east via the Conical Knob and the chain ladder to Mt Fell. From there to Mt Riley at the northern end of the range I had to climb over 17 high points and Mt Fishtail, Mt Royal, Mt Baldy and Mt Sunday. This route is reasonably well defined with generally a good ground trail and little bush bashing. The section between Fishtail and Fosters hut now has a water tank on the western slope of Mt Royal situated on the track at the bushline.