img 20220429 122114 1200 900 80View across the Waimakariri to the Polar Range from around Lagoon Saddle

Route Details

Day One - Cass to Hamilton Hut - 5-6 hrs, 19.4km, +1000m, -800m
Day Two - Hamilton Hut to Cora Lynn roadend- 6-8hrs, 19km, +940m, - 1000m

A comfortably, challenging weekend tramp.

This trip is in the dry mountains east of the Main Divide. It crosses riverbeds and rivers, follows forest tracks and crosses two saddles. For a challenging weekend tramp, there is a comfortable 20 bunk hut midway, or take 3–4 days by staying in some of the other basic huts on the route. The track is not marked all the way, so ensure you take a topo map with you. Most trampers prefer to begin the track from the Cass end, as this avoids the steepest ascents. Because of the high avalanche danger on Cass Saddle and the frequency of winter snowfalls, this route is best attempted from early to late summer. Not all rivers and streams are bridged, so they may be impassable after heavy rainfall. (Credit: DOC)