img 20220429 122114 1200 900 80The coastal Podocarp forest were spectacular on the North West Circuit

Route Details

Day 1 - Freshwater Hut to Mason Bay Hut, 15.1km, 3-4hrs
Day 2 - Mason Bay to Big Hellfire Hut, 18.2km, 7-9hrs
Day 3 - Beig Hellfire to East Ruggedy Hut, 17.7km, 6-8hrs
Day 4 - East Ruggedy  to Long Harry Hut, 11.2km, 6-8hrs
Day 5 - Long Harry to Yankee River Hut, 9.7km, 3-4hrs
Day 6 - Yankee River to Christmas Village Hut, 14.1km, 6hrs
Day 7 - Christmas Hut  to Bungaree Hut, 12.5km, 5-6hrs
Day 8 - Bungaree Hut to Oban, 22.5km, 7-9hrs

An 8 day, 100-120km tramp around the northern coastline of Stewart Island (Rakiura) by-passing the Oban to Freshwater Hut sections. Fabulous white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, rugged rocky islands/headlands, pristine podocarp forests, prolific birdlife - this track has it all!! Add a great backcountry hut network providing shelter after 5-8 hours tramping each day and you have a trip of a lifetime. The mud, tree roots and constant gully traversing does add an edge to the trip, sometimes a very tedious one. However if you strike the right weather window you won't regret travelling to the bottom of New Zealand and giving it a go.

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