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Route Details

Day One - State Highway 73 to Edwards Hut - 4-5 hrs, 10km, +800m, -400m
Day Two - Edwards Hut to Hawdon Hut via Falling Mountain - 6-8hrs, 14.7km, +1000m, - 1240m
Day Three - Hawdon Hut to Hawdon Shelter/roadend  - 3hrs, 10km, -180m

This spectaular 2-3 day route in Arhurs Pass has it all, a collapsed moutain side, two alpine passes and mountain tarns. Two large huts situated in great locations with fabulous views are the icing on the cake. I added an extra bit of spice to the trip by crossing over into the Hawdon valley south of Falling Mountain whilst the rest of the party travelled further north and crossed over via the standard Tarn Col route. This variant provided good access to the col via a near dry boulder shute onto the tuccock slopes beneath Falling Mountain. The creek on the eastern side provided an easy route down in the dry conditions to Walker Pass. This trip was part of a week long stay in Arthurs Pass with the Waimea Tramping Club basing ourselves in the Christchurch Tramping Club's Lodge.

Whilst the route at times climbing Tarn Col wasn't obvious if you take your time the eviews is well worth the effort.

Additional route information from DOC can be found here.