Track Details

Day One - Bottom Gordon hut to Top Gordon Hut - 5.3km, +483m, 3hrs(DOC)

Day Two - Top Gordon Hut to Saxton Hut via Saxton saddle - 16.5km, +634m, -682m, 7-9hrs(DOC)

Day Three - Saxton hut to Severn Hut via SH1764 - 11.5km, +939m, -848m, 8-9hrs(DOC)

Day Four - Severn hut to Top Leatham hut via Severn saddle - 13.2km, +703m, -673m, 6-7hrs(DOC)

Day Five - Top Leatham hut to Bottom Gordon hut - 8km, -382m, 4hrs(DOC)

A five day tramp of the Leatham Molesworth route with the Nelson Tramping Club(clockwise direction). The Leatham river was low after a dry, previous week so the crossings were easily negotiated and the 22km four wheel drive access nailed without any problems. Much of the snow had disappeared by late Oct so we only took iceaxes and these weren't required on any of the three saddles.We extended Labour weekend by starting on the Thursday and encountered only a few people in the huts. We found the huts in the Molesworth to be little visited and of a very high standard with even the windowed toilet door at the Severn hut being double glazed. There are seasonal restrictions so check link.