Track Details

Day One - Lewis Pass to Ada Pass Hut, 11.7km, +600m, -397m

Day Two - Via Three Tarn Pass to Bobs Hut, 14.9km, +1070m, -1147m

Day Three - Via East Matak hut to East Matak campsite, 15km, +758m, -426m

Day Four - Via D'Urville & Thompson Passes to Waiau campsite, 10.7km, +1158m, -1240m

Day Five - Via Waiau Pass to Blue Lake hut, 9.7km, +1066m, -1023m

Day Six - Via West Sabine hut to Sabine Hut, 22km, +391m, - 1093m

Day Seven - water taxi out

With a clear seven day weather window we set off from Lewis pass in late Sept to complete a four pass tramp to Sabine hut taking us over Three Tarn, D'Urville, Thompson and Waiau Passes. With no heavy snowfalls for over a week the snowpack had stabilised and we didn't encounter any fresh evidence of avalanches. Snow conditions were good on the southern aspects for cramponing but the afternoon descents had us bum-sliding after we continually broke thru the crust. Our party of six from the Nelson Tramping club all had a fabulous time with many spectacular views from the tops and camping in the highest available bushline ensured we didn't get too cold at night. Our stars definitely aligned as everything went exactly to plan which is unusual for this type of trip at that time of the year.