Track Details

  • Marahau to Archorage: 4hrs, 12.4km
  • Archorage to Bark Bay: 4hrs, 12.1km
  • Bark Bay to Awaroa: 4hrs, 11.4km (tidal)
  • Awaroa to Totaranui: hrs, 5.5km (tidal)
  • Totaranui to Whariwharangi: 3hrs, 7.5km
  • Whariwharangi to Wainui: 1.5hrs, 5.5km

The Abel Tasman Coast Track, located in Abel Tasman National Park on South Island’s northern shores. The Coast Track is a GREAT WALK and extends for 54.4 km. All streams are bridged but there are tidal crossings which can only be crossed within a few hours either side of low tide. The track takes an average of three to five days to complete and can be walked from either end. There are huts and campsites where you can stay for a fee. Bookings are required. There is no charge for day walks. Visitors can walk into the park from the roadend carparks, catch water taxis to beaches along the track or kayak along the coast.

DOC - Track information 

Trip Images: Marahau to Akersten Bay, Abel Tasman NP - Aug 2018Kayaking - Marahau to Adele Island