Track Details

  • Brown Hut to Perry Saddle Hut: 5hrs, 17.5km
  • Perry Saddle Hut to Gouland Downs Hut: 2hrs, 7km
  • Gouland Downs Hut to Saxon Hut: 1.5hrs, 5.4km
  • Saxon Hut to Jame Mackay Hut: 3hrs, 11.8km
  • James Mackay Hut to Lewis Hut: 3.5hrs, 12.5km
  • Lewis Hut to Heaphy Hut: 2.5hrs, 8km
  • Heaphy Hut to Kohaihai River Mouth: 5hrs, 16.2km

The Heaphy Track, located in Kahurangi National Park at the north-west corner of the South Island, is the longest of the DOC GREAT WALKS. For 78.4 kilometres the track crosses the Park’s range of landscapes, starting from the junction of the Brown and Aorere Rivers, over expansive tussock downs to the lush forests, nikau palms and roaring seas of the West Coast.

The track is well formed and suitable for fit, well-equipped people. All rivers and major streams are bridged. The track takes four to six days to walk. There are huts and campsites where you can stay for a fee. Bookings are required.

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