Track Details

  • Roadend to Boulder Lake hut:  7-8hrs
  • Boulder Lake hut to Adelaide Tarn Hut: 5-6hrs, 7.5km
  • Adelaide Tarn Hut to Lonely Lake hut: 5-7hrs
  • Lonely Lake hut to Fenella Hut: 6-8hrs, 11km
  • Fennella hut to Trilobite hut/ Roadend: 4-5hrs.

The Douglas Range route links Aorere Valley to Cobb Valley. This route description describes the route from the Aorere Valley and is suitable for trampers with a high degree of of-track experience and fitness who should allow at least five days and, if possible, one or two extra days to complete this trip. This 60km route provides plenty of variety, mostly travelling along the tops with the occassional descent to the valley floor to bypass the more extreme sections of the range.

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Image Gallery: Douglas to Arthur Range Traverse Feb 2011, Lead Hills - Douglas Range 2020

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