Track Details

  • Halfmoon Bay to Port William Hut, 12km, 4hr
  • Port William Hut to Bungaree Hut, 6km, 3-4hr
  • Bungaree Hut to Christmas Village Hut, 11.5km, 6hr
  • Christmas Village Hut to Yankee River Hut, 12 m, 6hr
  • Yankee River Hut to Long Harry Hut, 8.5km, 4-5hr
  • Long Harry Hut to East Ruggedy Hut, 9.5km, 6hr
  • East Ruggedy Hut to Big Hellfire Hut, 14km, 7hr
  • Big Hellfire Hut to Mason Bay Hut, 15km, 7hr
  • Mason Bay Hut to Freshwater landing Hut, 15.5km, 3-4hr
  • Freshwater landing Hut to North arm Hut, 11km, 6-7hr
  • North arm Hut to Halfmoon Bay, 12km, 5hr

Separated from the South Island by Foveaux Strait, Stewart Island/Rakiura is New Zealand's third largest island and home to its most southern national park. The North West Circuit provides for challenging tramping around the island's northern coast.

Rakeahua Valley and Doughboy Bay on the Southern Circuit Track can be added to the Northern Circuit. Alternatively the separate Southern Circuit Track incorporating these areas can be walked by utilising boat transport on Paterson Inlet.

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