Track Details

  • Lake Hauroko to Halfway Hut: 4-6hrs, 10.6km
  • Halfway Hut to Lake Roe Hut: 3-5hrs, 7km
  • Lake Roe Hut to Loch Maree Hut: 5-7hrs, 7.6km
  • Loch Maree Hut to Supper Cove Hut: 6-8hrs, 12.2km(one way)
  • Loch Maree Hut to Kintail Hut: 6–8hs, 10km
  • Kintail Hut to Upper Spey Hut: 5–7hrs, 6.7km
  • Upper Spey Hut to Wilmot Pass road: 4–5hrs, 8.8km
  • Wilmot Pass road to West arm, Lake Manapouri: 45min

The Dusky Track offers trampers a challenging 84 km tramping track which requires at least eight days to complete. It links Lake Hauroko with Lake Manapōuri, offers a two day detour to Supper Cove in Dusky Sound, traverses three major valley systems and crosses two mountain ranges.

There are 21 three-wire bridges on this track. You can expect to encounter tree falls, deep mud, tree roots and river crossings.

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