Track Details

Day One - Maungatapu road end to Rocks Hut - 18km, 7-9hrs

Day Two - Rocks Hut to Richmond - 26km, 7-10hrs

Started off with the Waimea Tramping club on their hike to Captains Creek hut (and return) and then continued on from there via Middy Hut to overnight at Rocks Hut. The following morning I continued up to the main ridgeline above the hut and travelled south off-track to Spot Height 941. The intention was to travel along the tops to Mt Claude and down the spur to the intersection of the Roding river and United creek. However I found the travel thru this section of the mineral belt had lots of scapey shrub that didn't provide a quick enough travel so reverted to Plan B. Having only the previous week checked out the Union and Champion mines in the adjacent valley I knew the Union creek provided good access so dropped down into a watercourse that drained into Jackson creek. This provided easier travel as I scrambled down to the valley floor. It took me 3 hours to get from Rocks hut to the track end on United Creek, quicker than anticipated. From there it was down the track to the Roding and up a grunt up the spur above the Roding dam to the Barnicoat walkway and then down this to home at Richmond.