Track Details

Day One -Flora to Ellis Hut - 10km, +1000m, -930m

Day Two - Ellis Hut to Tarn Campsite west of SH 1541 - 6.3km, +860m, -550m

Day Three - SH1541 campsite to Baton Saddle Campsite - 5.5km, +670m, -770m

Day Four - Baton Saddle Campsite to SH1622 Campsite - 8.5km, +1080m, -800m

Day Five - SH1622 Campsite to Mt Star and return and then down to Lake - 8.5km, +810m, -1200m

Day Six - Lake Campsite to Cowen Spur Basin Campsite - 3.7km, +450m, - 300m

Day Seven -Cowen Spur Basin Campsite to Baten Valley Road - 10.5km, +315m, -1450m

A seven day traverse of the Arthur Range from the Flora carpark to Ellis Hut, under The Twins and then along the main ridgeline to Mt Star to exit via the Cowin Spur. We were hoping to get to John Reid hut and exit from there but the water situation south of Mt Star was dire due to the unusually dry summer. On the map I have identified a few tarns that should provide water during even the worse drought conditions. Good visibility is required to navigate/sidle around the worst terrain.