Track Details

Day One - Grange Rd roadend to Hapuku Hut, 7.2km, 2.5-4hrs, +700m  

Day Two - Hapuku Hut to Mt Fyffe Hut via Gables End, 11km, 6-8hrs, +1400m

Day Three - Mt Fyffe Hut to Postmans Road carpark, 5.5km, 2hrs

Looking for views of Kaikoura??   Mt Fyffe is the place to be!!!.

If you want to extend a one day trip so you have a bit of scrambling up scree slopes then a Hapuku - Mt Fyffe traverse could fit the bill. The Kaikoura earthquake has deposited a lot of debris into the valley floors and created heaps of slips in this area. There is a slip before Hapuku hut which requires a bit of a climb around it and the route above the hut to the saddle avoids most of them before you climb up to the saddle via a scree gully. From the saddle its a steep ascent up a rocky, scree slope which was a tad wind blown on our climb. Once on the Gables End its a reasonably easy traverse over the saddle before a short climb up to Gable which was easier than it looked from a distance. The rest is a breeze after what you have come up and you can make good time to the Mt Fyffe summit and then down an old 4 wheel drive track to the Mt Fyffe hut. Check during summer that there is water in the tank, we had to lug a days worth of water up from the headwaters of the Hapuku river. There is a well worn four wheel drive track down to the roadend. Click here to view Doc's info on route.