Track Details

Day One - Palmer Roadend to Mid Robinson Hut, 12.7km, 5-6hrs 

Day Two - Mid Robinson to Top Robinson Hut, 10.5km, 5-6hrs

Day Three - Top Robinson Hut to Lake Christabel Hut, 11.4km, 6-8hrs

Day Four - Lake Christabel Hut to Palmer Rd, 16.5km, 6-8hrs

A four day hike with the Waimea Tramping club completing the Robinson River/Lake Christabel circuit. The track from road end at Palmer road first traverses around a farm fence before reaching the Robinson river. From there we continually encountered washed out sections of track and as the flow was low found it easier to walk up the river crossing it frequently. Higher up there was a flood route option which part of the group tried but quickly retreated to the river bed as it was very slow going. The indicated track time of 4 hours to Mid Robinson hut maybe achievable in low flow with day packs but for full packs 5hrs+ is more likely.... The track above Mid Robinson had also sustained flood damage and took us just over 5hrs to reach the 8 bunk Top Robinson hut. The walkwires were in good condition and had netting to contain your feet, much to the relief of some of the party. The climb out of the Robinson river valley up the spur was well marked and we got above the bushline after 1.5hrs climbing. From there it was an easy climb up to the highpoint with just one small scramble, then a sidle down to the Robinson saddle. The route down into the headwaters of the Blue Grey was a slow, sometimes steep sidle and I imagine could be interesting if wet. Once on the valley floor the track mostly traversed the river terraces then crossing another walkwire and on to the 8 bunk Lake Christabel hut reaching it in 7.5hrs. The track back to Palmer road was in much better condition taking just over 7hrs.