Track Details

Day One - Sylvester carpark via Sylvestor hut to Lake Lockett - 6hrs, 10.5km. Side trip to Diamond Lake - 3km, 1.5hrs (return)

Day Two - Lake Lockett to Sylvester carpark via Diamond Lake Stream trap-line - 8.5k, 4hrs

A two day tramp with the Waimea tramping Club to Lake Lockett with a side trip to Diamond Lake. We had planned to take the high route over Iron Hill to Ruby Lake but high winds had the team revert to Plan B. Most of the group of ten hadn't been to Lake Lockett so we climbed the ridge above the Sylvester Hut till we reached a pole indicating the drop off point down a moderatley clear area descending to the creek draining Iron Lake. This part was cairned and reasonably well worn. A route from here continued onto Diamond Lake but we instead descended down the true left of the stream which was uncairned. We picked up the well marked trap-line on the true left of the Diamond Lake stream and ascended to Lake Lockett where there were plenty of good campsites on the lake edge. There is a well marked 1.5km trap-line from here to Diamond Lake (40min). On day two we followed the trap-line down Diamond Lake stream before climbing and sidling around to the old dam quarry and then followed the old road back to the carpark.