Three days of fabulous weather on the coast have to be savoured and we made the most of it tramping the Kirwans Track and Waitahu Valley circuit. As this was a Waimea Tramping club trip we had the luxury of leaving a vehicle at the Waitahu River roadend so we saved ourselves a climb back to Cableston on the last day.

Day one was a 12km, 5hr climb up to Kirwans Hut on an old pack track so the gradient was steady with a few wind-throws. On day two we did a side trip to Kirwans Hill before descending off the tops to explore the Kirwans Reward Mine site and lower down the Stamper Battery which was covered in debris from a recent storm. We managed with a bit of grunt work to remove it all and leave the restored battery in tiptop condition. We followed Kirwans creek to the valley floor and then down the Montgomerie river to Montgomerie hut. (12.5km, 7hrs) Day three was down the Montgomerie and Waitahu rivers to the roadend. (13km, 3.5hrs)