Track Details

  • Cape Palliser to Kawakawa hut: 10.5km, 3-6hrs
  • Kawakawa hut to Washpool hut: 8km, 4-7hrs
  • Washpool hut to Pinnacles & out: 10km, 4-8hrs 

A 26km multi-day tramp is possible following marked tracks from Cape Palliser in the south to the Pinnacles in the North. The Aoringi Forest park and surrounding area features some of New Zealand's most striking landforms. They include the Putangirua Pinnacles, earth pillars formed by the erosive forces of rain and floods; high slabs of rock known as Kupe's Sail, and the coastal Whatarangi Bluff. At Cape Palliser, the southern coastal boundary of the park, there is a fur seal colony, a historic lighthouse and archaeological sites.

The Haurangi north-south track as shown on the map are, to a large degree, mythical – most of the valley floor travel is along the riverbeds, with good marked tracks running over the saddles. The catchments may be small, but the valleys are tight, and this would not be a good place to be in heavy rain – especially the section from Pararaki Hut south.


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