Track Details

  • Greenstone Road end to Mid Caples Hut 2 - 3 hours, 9 km
  • Mid Caples Hut to Upper Caples Hut 1.5 - 2.5 hours, 7 km
  • Upper Caples Hut to McKellar Hut 5 - 8 hours, 13 km
  • McKellar Hut to Greenstone Hut 4.5 - 6.5 hours, 18 km
  • Greenstone Hut to road end 3 - 5 hours, 12 km

The Caples and Greenstone Valleys are linked by McKellar Saddle, a sub-alpine pass, to make a moderate four to five day round trip.  The Greenstone Valley is a wide, open valley with tussock flats and beech forest.  In comparison, the Caples Valley is a narrower valley filled with forest interspersed with grassy clearings.  Either of these tracks can be linked with the Routeburn Track, or they can be walked as a one way track starting or finishing at the Divide.

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