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Day One: Renfrew Roadend to Rangiwahia Hut, 3km, 1.5hrs
Day Two: Rangiwahia Hut to Pourangaki Hut, 10km, 5-6 hrs
Day Three: Pourangaki Hut to Howletts Hut, 11km
Day Four: Howletts Hut to Longview Hut, 7.5km, 5-6hrs
Day Five: Longview Hut to Leon Kinvig Hut, 10km
Day Six: Leon Kinvig to Iron Gate Hut, 13.5km
Day Seven: Iron Gate via Triangle Hut to Roadend, 12km, 7-10hrs

A fabulous 66km tops circuit from Renfrew Road travelling north up the Whangahuia range via Pourangaki hut. Once reaching the northern most point at Spot Height 1632 turns south down Sawtooth and Daphne ridges via Howletts Hut to Longview hut. Continue south past Te Pohatu before turning north west and dropping off the tops to Leon Kinvig Hut. A steep climb up to Toka gets you onto the tops again before dropping down to Iron Gate Hut. A river bash up to Triangle hut then gives access back up to the Whangahuia range where there are two options to get back down to Renfrew Road. Include a few spare days incase the weather is unfavourable.


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Trip Reports: Partially complete trip in Dec 2015