Track Details

  • Onepoto to Panekire Hut: 5hrs, 8.8km
  • Panekire Hut to Waiopaoa Hut and Campsite: 3-4hrs, 7.6km
  • Waiopaoa Hut to Korokoro Campsite: 1.5hrs, 3.6km
  • Korokoro Campsite to Maraunui Campsite: 2.5hrs, 6.8km
  • Maraunui Campsite to Marauiti Hut: .5hr, 1.7km
  • Marauiti Hut to Waiharuru Hut and Campsite: 2hrs, 6.2km
  • Waiharuru Hut and Campsite to Tapuaenui Campsite: 1.5hrs, 2.1km
  • Tapuaenui Campsite to Whanganui Hut: 1hr, 3.2km
  • Whanganui Hut to Water Taxi Pick-up/Drop-off Point and Great Walk Start/Finishing: 2hrs, 2.7km

The Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk (located in the south-west corner of the 212,673 hectare Te Urewera National Park) is a 46 kilometre 3 to 4 day tramping track which follows the shore of the lake for most of its length. It is one of a network of great walks managed by DOC throughout New Zealand.

The walk traverses a range of terrain with many types of vegetation from the montane beech forest of the Panekire Bluffs to dense rainforest. Podocarp mixed broadleaf forest is dominant in many areas. Bird life in the area is abundant. A moderate tramp, with magnificent scenery and plenty of opportunity for swimming and fishing ensure the walk is well used throughout the year.

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