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Site Credits


We are fortunate that there is such a talented bunch of Joomla extension developers our there who are prepared to spend weeks developing some of the functionality used on this website. One of them is Dmitry Zhuk from Belarus who has developed the GoogleMaps Extension which this site is based around. This displays all of our Maps which render hundreds/thousands of placemarks. Having the ability to follow hyperlinks from each placemarks greatly enhances the functionality of the site for our users.

NZ Topo Maps

We are pleased to use NZ Topographical Maps Online as our Topographical map layer on this website. We acknowledge the huge amount of on-going work Reuben Williams the developer puts into developing and maintaining up to date information on the NZTopomaps site. Without the efforts of developers like Reuben, much of the functionality of sites like this wouldn't be possible.

Thanks Reuben!!

Department of Conservation

This site has thousands of hyperlinks to the DoC website covering most activity areas. A huge thanks to the tireless efforts of the hard working DoC staff who ensure their region's information is up-to-date and easily accessible.
Top marks team!!!
All the material used from their website is reproduced under Crown Copyright.

New Zealand Freshwater Fishing

 Most of our river and lake fishing placemarks utilise the NZ Freshwater Fishing's website for detailed information. This site has a huge amount of information for New Zealand fresh water fisherman and should be one of your first "ports of call" when researching fresh water fishing spots. A big thank you to Doug Stevens and helpers in providing such a great resource.

NZ by Bike

Big thanks to the team at NZ by Bike for providing such a great resource for the cycling community. We have used their site to provide hyperlinks to detailed information for many of our Cycling placemarks.

Fish & Game New Zealand

We thank Fish & Game New Zealand for their efforts in providing the wealth of information on their website. We make extensive use of this in our Hunting and Fishing sections.
Thanks Team....

Marine Deals

Huge thanks to Graham and the Team at Marine Deals for allowing us to publish their "Weekly Fishing Spots" on our Map. For a complete list of these, sign up for their Weekly Newsletter and gain access to this fabulous resource.

Cycle Tour New Zealand

Many of our Cycle Touring locations are sourced from Cycle Tour New Zealand. This site provides a huge amount of information, all based arpound the personal experiences of David the site developer. Thanks David for providing a great site for those interested in Cycle Touring in NZ.