Past and present, hunting in New Zealand has been a popular activity for putting food on tables and for sport and recreation. Unlike most other developed countries with a hunting tradition, there are no bag-limits or seasons for hunting large game in New Zealand while hunting in National Parks is a permitted activity. The wide variety of game animals and the limited restrictions means hunting is a popular pastime which has resulted in a high level of firearms ownership among civilians.

New Zealand’s only native mammal is a bat, so European settlers introduced several hunting species specifically for sport. In the absence of natural predators, these animals flourished. Today, population control is achieved with safe and controlled hunting. Targets include deer (including red, fallow and sika), chamois, tahr, pigs, goats and possums. We also offer first-rate waterfowl and upland game-bird hunting.

Top Sites

Department of Conservation (DoC) - Heaps of information on Where and What to hunt, Firearms Licensing, Hunting Basics and lots more.

Fish and Game New Zealand - Great Game Bird hunting resource with lots of regional content.

NZ Deerstalkers Association - Formed in 1937, the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association is New Zealand’s recognised National body representing and speaking for hunters generally.

Professiomal Hunting Guides - New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association Inc has over fifty members, functions under a strict Code of Ethics, with processes and procedures in place requiring the highest possible professional and safe practices by members.

Target Shooting NZ - Target Shooting New Zealand (TSNZ) is the governing body for .22 Smallbore Rifle 25m indoor and 50m outdoor target shooting, together with .177 Air Rifle shooting.

Outdoors with Geoff - Outdoors with Geoff features the best hunting and fishing New Zealand has to offer. Follow Geoff Thomas as he embarks on adventures and meets the locals.

NZ Hunter Adventures - Greg and Willie Duley go on epic hunting adventures and showcase the magnificence of New Zealand's mountains and game animals.

The Hunters Club - The show is fronted by Five Hunters. "It's like Top Gear, which is about cars but you don't have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy it. With The Hunters Club the appeal is the journey. Sometimes the failures are as compelling as the successes."

The Bloke - The Bloke is about getting you up and away from your electronic device and into the great outdoors. However, before you do so, we hope to also impart some knowledge and skills that we have learnt during our travels. Getting out is great. Getting out with the proper skillset to be safe and have fun, is even better.