Track Details

  • Porunui to Oamaru hut, 12km, 3.5hrs
  • Oamaru hut to Tussock Hut via spur  SP1020,SP1335 & Managapapa saddle, 13km, 9-11hrs 
  • Alternative - Oamaru hut to Boyd Hut, 14km, 4-6hrs, Boyd hut to Tussock hut, 6km, 3hrs
  • Tussock to Harkness hut, 5.6km, 2.75hrs, Harkness hut to Te Puke Hut, 4km, 2.5-3hrs
  • Te Puke to Mangaturutu Hut, 7.2km, 2.75hrs, Mangaturutu Hut to Venison Tops Hut, 4km, 2hrs
  • Venison Tops to Middle Hill Hut via Ballard hut, 10km, 6hrs
  • Middle Hill Hut to Makahu road, 5km, 2hrs
With access issues making a Kaimanawa to Kaweka traverse problematic this route with eight huts provides a tempting alterative. This 60km route offers more open tops travel than Poronui to Makahu road via Makino river option and would be suitable for experienced parties. A faster group should be able to cover the route in 4 days while a more leasurely pace could have you stretching it out to closer to a week. 

Transport is a problem but a two party cross-over or a club trip provides for cars at both ends...


We completed this route over a 4 day Anzac weekend in 2013 taking the off-track option from the Oamaru river/Otorehinaiti river confluence climbing up the spur to SP1020 and following the ridge to SP1335 and dropping down the spur to the upper Harkness. We found it was reasonable easy travel due to high numbers of deer in the area.


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