Track Details

  • Lake Ohau public roadend gate(600m) to Main Huxley Forks hut(720m), 15km, 5hrs(+120m): Main Huxley Forks Hut to South Huxley Biv(960m), 6km, 3hrs (+240m)
  • South Huxley Biv over Vee Notch Pass (1884m) to Top Hut(1060m), 12km, ???hrs (+920m, -820m)
  • Top Hut over Huxley Range (2000m) to Forbes hut(540m), 14km, ???hrs (+940, -1460m)
  • Forbes hut to Upper Studholme pass area(1868m), 10km, ???hrs (+1328m)
  • Upper Studholme Pass to Creswicke Flat Hut(300m), 21km, ??hrs (+100m, - 1680m)
  • Creswicke Flat hut (Fraser Hut) via Brodrick pass (1640m) to Brodrick Hut (1100), 8.5km, 7-10hrs (7.5hrs) (+1340, -540m)
  • Brodrick hut to Main Huxley Forks hut (3hrs), Main Huxley Forks hut to Monument hut, 3hrs, Monument hut to public roadend gate, 2hrs, 21.5km (-600m)

This 108km, 8-10 day demanding circuit starting at the Lake Ohau roadend follows the Hopkins,  Huxley, Ahuriri, Hunter and Landsborough rivers. This route weaves it way through the Southern Alps following spectacular river valleys and crossing rugged alpine passes. It should only be attempted by very experienced parties with the necessary knowledge to safety travel through untracked alpine areas. Most of the passes require good visibility to navigate around bluffs and gorges as we found out in Feb 2012.

The route takes you up the south branch of the Huxley over Vee Notch pass into the Ahuriri catchment and down to Top hut. From here a route west of the hut gets you over the Huxley range into the Hunter south of Paddock Flat. It follows the Hunter upstream via the west branch, over Upper Studholme pass and down into the Landsborough. Then its up the Landsborough to Creswicke Flat hut(Fraser Hut) and crosses over Brodrick pass in the north branch of the Huxley and out to the roadend.

We partially completed this route in Feb 2012 when poor visibility on the tops prevented us doing the circuit. The route as indicated on the map/completion times from the roadend to Vee Notch pass and from Creswicke Flats hut(Fraser Hut) back to the roadend are accurate. The remainder of the route is as detailed in Moirs North which may be out of date.

After an shortened trip in this area in Feb 2012 where travelled back in 2013 and completed the Ahuriri portion of this trip. The route to the Hunter from Ahuriri opposite Top Hut looks like a full day mission with access from the valley floor via a ramp to the slopes above heavily vegetated. Also the access over the spur into the area south of the tarn looks a tad "interesting". Access via Little Canyon Creek into the Hunter is much more do-able, we got to within 150m of the saddle before turning back. Refer to GPS route at: which has plenty of location specific images detailing what we encountered.

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