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Te Anau – New Zealand’s fly fishing capital 30 October 2017
Kahawai worth the effort 30 October 2017
Good time to beach snapper 24 October 2017
Returning for fishing contest well worth it 08 October 2017
Plenty of fish waiting to be found 07 October 2017
The magic of opening day 01 October 2017
Local outdoors series Fishy Business moves to Choice TV 14 September 2017
Milan Radonich of Big Angry Fish is hooking the dream 14 September 2017
West Coast whitebaiters ready for start of season 05 September 2017
Your chance to catch scallops now here, while snapper get set to spawn 05 September 2017
Trout and salmon fishing licences go on sale 28 August 2017
Finding the perfect spot key to becoming a rock star 28 August 2017
Preparing well to catch fish in winter conditions 30 July 2017
The stronger the current, the better the fishing 29 July 2017
Big tuna hooked at Waihau Bay Fishing Club 11 July 2017
Record snapper boated 01 July 2017
Too many trout prompts new fishing rules 01 July 2017
'Last chance' to grab fine weather boat fishing 01 July 2017
Hawke’s Bay Sports Fishing Club catches a break after council deal 11 June 2017
Spearfisher films the moment a shark 'came out of nowhere' and bit his leg 11 June 2017
Drone helping tetraplegic 20-year-old keep beloved fishing hobby alive 11 June 2017
Full moon's influence does not always leave fishermen howling 11 June 2017
Deep-water monsters more accessible at this time of year 27 May 2017
Fly Rod Harling on Lake Hawea 24 May 2017
Cooler days mean choice between shallows or deep 20 May 2017
Fishing Paddock at Paddock Bay 16 May 2017
Fishing at the final frontier in the wilds of Fiordland 16 May 2017
Way out west for an excellent fishing adventure 11 May 2017
Little man, big fish: 7-year-old catches 9kg snapper on Far North camping holiday 11 May 2017
Water temperature good gauge if fishing hot or cold 11 May 2017
Fishers' great white surprise 26 April 2017
Butterfly Tuna 26 April 2017
Time to learn lesson that's taught by circle hooks 26 April 2017
Shallow-thinking can produce impressive snapper results 26 April 2017
Five of the best fishing spots in Auckland 31 March 2017
Doubtless Bay anglers reel in the prizes 31 March 2017
Angler breaks own record from a year earlier with 420kg blue marlin 31 March 2017
Marlborough trout numbers on the rise 19 March 2017
Cooler water making for slow start to game season 19 March 2017
Bug bonanza adds buzz to trout fishing 19 March 2017
Female anglers add special touch to fly fishing 19 March 2017
The Mataura, where the fishing is fine 11 February 2017
Spear-fisher makes record catch 04 February 2017
Jumping mako shark thrills fishermen 04 February 2017
Auckland fishing family hooks massive kahawai catch off Rocks Rd in Nelson 04 February 2017
'Poor' season for Rangitata River salmon fishery, Fish and Game New Zealand says 04 February 2017
Taranaki's big game fishing season of 2016 'hard to beat', but 2017 is looking promising 18 January 2017
Kiwi fisherman spears world record kingfish contender 18 January 2017
Charlie Rowe, 6, nabs second fishing record 18 January 2017
Keen fisherkids hook into quintessential summertime experience at Whitianga 04 January 2017
Searching for right solitary rocks can yield crayfish on flat seabed 16 December 2016
Anglers to fish “wild spots” 11 December 2016
Kaikoura locals back fishing ban despite economic pressure 11 December 2016
Four of five whitebait species' numbers are declining 11 December 2016
Thanks to Capt Cook's mix-up our prized fish is not what is seems 02 December 2016
Trophy brown trout streams to open 02 December 2016
Anglers spoilt for choice this trout season 02 December 2016
South Island rivers lure Aussies over ditch 13 November 2016
Fishermen net catches on the first day of trout fishing season 06 October 2016
Competitors turn sights on once-underrated kahawai 06 October 2016
Wairau River a fishing jewel worth protecting 24 September 2016
Recreational fishing facing further restrictions as fish stocks diminish 24 September 2016
New fishing season looms for 'freshwater nirvana' 13 September 2016
Lake Alexandrina Winter Fishing 28 August 2016
A winter's tale of saltwater fishing 28 August 2016
The Best Salmon Fishing Rivers in New Zealand 11 August 2016
Nelson fisherman's safety invention finds success in global market 28 July 2016
Hokitika Holiday Fishing the Styx, Waitangitaona, Hokitika Rivers, and more 28 July 2016
Trout fishing gear great fun for catching kahawai 23 July 2016
Lake Mapourika Salmon and Trout Fishing – Westland 19 July 2016
Kaikoura Coast Fishing Part 2 – Tips, spots, species 19 July 2016
The Complete Guide to River Mouth Salmon Fishing Video Download 28 June 2016
Traditional Wet Flies for Trout Fishing with John Hey 14 June 2016
Twizel Canals Fishing Tips 06 June 2016
Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club - A fine fishing club's history 15 May 2016
Heli-fishing is about easy access to a pristine location 07 May 2016
Blue cod feasts on salmon fish feed in Marlborough Sounds 07 May 2016
Weekend fishers adding millions to economy - study 02 May 2016
NZ river hooks spot in super-rich top 10 30 April 2016
Recreational fishing economic benefits put under the microscope 12 April 2016
Astrolabe open for fishing and diving 12 April 2016
Lakes offer good trout fishing refuge 12 April 2016
Small snapper keeping big ones off the hook 27 March 2016
The $48,000 fishing competition row: Contest winner takes lie-detector test 26 March 2016
Govt memo proposes fishers report catch in Hauraki Gulf and Marlborough Sounds 07 March 2016
Rangers catch tourists 07 March 2016
One of the Heaviest Salmon Caught in New Zealand 01 March 2016
Tautuku club members beat best fishers in country 01 March 2016
Taranaki fishing duo clean house in Auckland competition 01 March 2016
Fisherman nabs NZ's biggest snapper 08 February 2016
Summer Magic 22 January 2016
Which bait to use while waiting with bated breath 17 January 2016
Abundant crayfish due to good planning 17 January 2016
More trout tourism as tourists find out about Rangitikei 17 January 2016
Commercial fishing will be allowed in Hauraki Gulf park 15 January 2016
Government proposes recreational fishing park for Marlborough Sounds 15 January 2016
Kerikeri fishermen trawl up massive tuna 15 January 2016
Fishers told to be patient as El Nino continues 10 January 2016
Fish, swim and picnic at Kaiapoi Island in the Waimakariri River Regional Park 08 January 2016
Following tell-tale signs the secret to a good catch 19 December 2015
Kayak fisherman wins video competition Big Angry Fish day out 18 December 2015
A place to look but not take 17 December 2015
Divers prepare for Astrolabe Reef access 17 December 2015
Surfcasting Tips for Beginners New Zealand 17 December 2015
Lake Brunner Trout Fishing – Where the trout die of old age! 17 December 2015
Maritime NZ preaches life jacket awareness this summer after tragic crab fishing drowning 26 November 2015
How to Catch Salmon – Fish can be there without you knowing! – Plus 7 tips 23 November 2015
Kermadecs just the start as Nick Smith signals intention for more marine reserves 12 November 2015
Snapper playing coy? Try changing channels 06 November 2015
Big snapper are there for the taking on both coasts 30 October 2015
Doubt cast on Sanford's Hauraki fishing offer 30 October 2015
Target larger snapper by working in current 23 October 2015
The Fishes of New Zealand – Edited by Clive C Roberts, Andrew L Stewart and Carl D Struthers 21 October 2015
Surf-cast further 21 October 2015
Big thumbs up for Rena dives 19 September 2015
What is recreational fishing worth? 05 September 2015
'No Way!': New Zealand Diver Captures Close Encounter With Killer Whales On Camera 12 August 2015
Kahawai – Arripis trutta – Kahawai fishing on light tackle, softbaits, and the fly rod. 12 August 2015
'Phenomenal' record tuna catch in Auckland 12 August 2015
Fishing: Afternoon, evening best time to drop line in the water during early August 12 August 2015
Monster-sized snapper the fish of a lifetime 12 August 2015
FishHunter makes it easier to fish with technology 12 August 2015
Lake Ohau Trout Fishing – in the Mackenzie Country near Twizel 12 August 2015
FishHunter, a portable, Military Grade Fish Finder Sonar that fits in your pocket 06 July 2015
Big water attracts humongous trout 05 July 2015
New secrets of the Tekapo canal fishery 21 June 2015
Controversy erupts over trout fishing proposal 21 June 2015
Top tips for fishing braided rivers 21 June 2015
Kiwi's giant tuna catch a worldbeater 21 June 2015
Gisborne woman's record catch 30 May 2015
Poor Knights top: Lonely Planet 30 May 2015
Hare and Copper Nymph – probably the most popular nymph pattern used to fish for trout in New Zealand 30 May 2015