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Get Outdoors NZ - Cycling & MT Biking Map
Our Cycling Map can disply Mountain Bike Parks & Tracks, NZ Cycle Trail routes, Family Friendly Cycleways, Cycling Touring Routes and great Road Cycling locations.
PLACEMARK SEARCH of selected group/s - Click the STAR icon to open a dropdown placemark list. Select required placemark and it will center map to placemark and open text box.
STREETVIEW/PHOTOSPHERE - Drag PERSON icon from top left of map onto section of map you are interested in to engage.

NZ by Bike Cycle Map

Placemark Groups

Click on icon/description below to display/hide relevant placemarks set. Zoom into area of interest and click on icon to display details.
Click any position on map to get the Elevation/Depth. Google Street View-Place Person icon (left top) on any road location of map.