Track Details

  • Klondyke Corner to Carrington Hut: 4-5hrs, 14.7km
  • Carrington Hut to Park Morpeth Hut: 9 hrs, 11.7km
  • Park Morpeth Hut to Harman Hut: 5hrs, 7.9km
  • Harman Hut to roadend: 7-9hrs, 18.5km

The classic three passes route involves three crossings of the main divide. Starting on the braided Waimakariri river and climbing Harman, Whiting and Browning passes before ending in the lush green valleys of the West Coast. This trip requires tramping experience and good conditions, preferably in summer months when you don't have the risks of heavy snow and avalanches.

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Image Gallery:  Feb 2002 Trip, 2021 Trip - both trips incorporating most of this route. Harman, Whitehorn, Browning, Popes passes & Hunts Ridge.