Track Details

  • Roadend to South Temple Hut - 7.5km, 2.hrs,
  • South Temple Hut to Ahuriri Headwaters Campsite - 11.2km, 8hrs (+1120m, -360m)
  • Campsite to Watson Creek Campsite - 18.3km, 10hrs
  • Watson Creek Campsite to South Temple Hut - 12km, 8hrs (+980m, -1120m)
  • South Temple Hut to Roadend - 7.5km, 2hrs

This 56km, 3-6 day circuit starts at the Temple stream roadend off the Lake Ohau road. It climbs out of the Temple into the Ahuriri returning back to the Temple via Watson creek. This route weaves it way through the Southern Alps following spectacular river valleys and crossing rugged alpine passes. It should only be attempted by experienced parties with the necessary knowledge to safety travel through untracked alpine areas. Both passes require good visibility to navigate around bluffs and gorges as we found out in Feb 2012 when attempting the Huxley, Ahuriri, Hunter and Landsborough circuit.

The route takes you up the Temple stream south branch and its north branch crossing over a saddle of the Barrier Range into the headwaters of the Ahuriri, south east of Vee Notch Pass under Mt Huxley. A great campsite not far from the tarns provides a spectacular view of the headwaters of the Ahuriri. Continue down the valley before returning to the South Temple hut via Watson stream and col between pt 2222 and pt 2090 and out to roadend. The map below details our Feb 2013 route where in addition to the above we had side trips up Canyon and Little Canyon Creeks.

Doc Info: Lake Ohau, Ahuriri Conservation Park
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Trip Images: Feb 2013 Trip
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Notes: Research on route: Moirs North 7th edition 2005, which maybe out of date. New edition due end of 2012.