Track Details

North - South option

  • Day One: Waoku Road, Tutamoe to Honeymoon hut (Public shelter): 10km 2.5-4hrs
  • Day Two: Shelter to Waoku Road near Taheke: 13km, 4-6hrs

The 100 year old 23 km coach road was built for horses and coaches and is therefore reasonably level and easy walking. It is located between Tutamoe and Taheke, traversing the Mataraua and Waima Forests which is 90km by road. There is some re-growth of trees in the road and because of the altitude and climate the track can be muddy but long stretches of the original cobbled road are still visible and in good condition. The major items of interest are the stone culverts and bridge abutments and the stone ‘flushings’, which are porous culverts - at low flows the water goes beneath the road surface and at high flows the water flows over the surface. It is possible to sight/hear Kiwi and Korako who are present in the area.

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