Accuracy: The following information was correct in 1996


Approximate times for each track have been estimated at a comfortable walking pace for a person of average ability. Track times given are one way unless otherwise stated.


WALK: Relatively short, suitable for persons of all ages and varying standards of fitness. Designed for high use in all but the worst weather.

TRACK: Well defined, suitable for people of average fitness; some tramping experience is expected. Boots generally required. Degree of difficulty dependent on weather conditions.

Waitakere Track Map 5.5mb

1. Mokoroa Falls Track: From end of Horseman Road, track follows old logging road through Goldie Bush down gentle ridge to a rock ledge with view over the Mokoroa Falls. Here track branches with a short steep section to left leading down to Mokoroa Stream. 1.9km, 35 minutes. NB. This track is administered by the Deportment of Conservation. No dogs allowed.
2. Takapu Refuge Walk: From carpark at Maori Bay, walk skirts around headland then descends to end of Muriwai Beach Access Road. Two short branch tracks lead to lookouts over gannet colony. 800m, 30 minutes return.
3. Edwin Mitcheison Track: From Oaia Road, track descends through regenerating coastal forest to Lookout Track (20 minutes) then continues to Edwin Mitcheison Road. Spectacular views north up Muriwai Beach. 1.1 km, 35 minutes total.
4. Long Road Track: From end of Long Road, old road ascends partly through farm then follows undulating ridge in bush through Smythe Corner to Simla. 4.2km 1 hour 45 minutes.
5. Ridge Road Track: From Anawhata Road, track follows undulating ridge to Simla. 3km 1 hour 30 minutes.
6. Wainamu Bush Track: From Long Road Track, track follows ridge before descending steeply to small clearing beside Wainamu Stream; track continues an opposite bank a little way downstream then climbs steeply to follow ridge to Smythe Ridge Track. 2km 2 hours.
7. Smythe Ridge Track: From Smythe Corner, track follows undulating ridge to Kuataika Track. 2.2km 40 minutes.
8. Kuataika Track: From Anawhata Road, track crosses farm then descends steeply through bush to cross Anawhata Stream, then climbs very steeply to open ridge which it follows down to Kuataika Stream. Track then climbs continuously up past Kuataika Trig, and along undulating ridge to Smythe Ridge Track. 5.2km 2 hours 15 minutes.
9. Sisam Track: Track follows ridge from Smythe Ridge Track, then descends very steeply to junction of Chateau Mosquito and Simla Tracks just above Anawhata Stream. 1.6km 30 minutes; 45 minutes to ascend.
10. Simla Track: From Ridge Road Track, track follows along ridge, views of Anawhata Valley unfold just before track descends extremely steeply to Smythe Stream at old kauri dam site.1.7km 35 minutes; 1 hour to ascend.
11. Chateau Mosquito Track: From Anawhata Road, track follows along undulating ridge, then descends very steeply to cross Anawhata Stream. Track follows upstream on left r side for 200m and climbs a short distance to junction of Simla and Sisam Tracks. 2.3km, 1 hour; 1 hour 40 minutes in reverse.
12. RGB Track: From Ridge Road Track just north of AUTC hut, track follows ridge, then descends steeply to cross Anawhata Stream; then ascends steeply to meet Chateau Mosquito Track. 2km, 1 hour.
13. Pukematekeo Track: From bend on Pukematekeo exit road, 70m below trig, track follows ridge with steep final descent to Falls Road, adjacent to Ranger Station. 1.6km, 45 minutes; 1 hour 15 minutes to ascend.
14. Upper Kauri Track: From Auckland City Walk, 100m on right, upstream from swing bridge, partly metalled track follows graded ascent to bluff top ridge with impressive graves of mature and ricket kauri, then continues up long, gentle ascent to Long Road Track, 200m east of Smythe Corner, 3.1 km 1 hour 30 minutes.
15. Lower Kauri Track: From Upper Kauri Track, track descends gently through kauri grove, over undulating ground and across two streams; then ascends steeply to ridge with stand of mature kauri before reaching Long Road Track. 1.9km 45 minutes.
16. Auckland City Walk: Walk starts from swing bridge at lower end of picnic area and follows bank of Waitakere Stream. At junction of Cascade and Waitakere Streams a short track (150m) on right branches up to a small gorge and waterfall. Main walk continues across wooden bridge and along stream to a second bridge then ascends gradually back to upper picnic area on Falls Road. 1.5km 1 hour.
17. Karamatura Loop Walk: From Karamatura picnic area, walk climbs gradually to junction of Tom Thumb and Karamatura Tracks, then veers left away from Karamatura Stream. Track returns back along side of valley, then descends steeply on side of spur to rejoin initial part of walk. 2.4km 1 hour. NB. It is recommended that this circular walk be done in an anti clockwise direction.
18. Anderson Track: Two entrances from Scenic Drive; either opposite top of Peripatus Track or down old driveway 300m to north, both leading to a grassy clearing (site of former homestead) where track descends into bush and follows steep ridge down to Waitakere Stream; from there fairly level track continues to Auckland City Walk near large kauri. 2.3km 45 minutes.
19. Fence Line Track: From Simla, track descends past Robinson Ridge Track down undulating ridge (steep and slippery in parts), crosses over Saddle Dam to Waitakere Dam Walk. Track then veers sharply left uphill before descending to meet Cascade Track. 3.4km 1 hour.
20. Cascade Track: From Auckland City Walk opposite large kauri, track ascends steep, kauri covered spur, then descends west side of spur to skirt small valley and cross Cascade Stream. From there track ascends through grove of large kauri to Upper Kauri Track. 1.5km 1 hour 15 minutes.
21. Robinson Ridge Track: From Cascade Track, track descends to and crosses a branch of Cascade Stream, then follows a long graded ascent to meet Fence Line Track. 2km 1 hour 15 minutes.
22. Browne Track: From Ridge Road Track, track follows ridge with steep descent to Anawhata Stream. 480m 20 minutes.
23. Waitakere Tramline Walk. Follows tramline and pipeline from near base of Waitakere Dam along bluff top ledge with spectacular views of the Waitakere Valley and falls; continues through short tunnel to western portal of tramline tunnel and West Tunnel Mouth Track. 1.6km 30 minutes.
24. Swanson Pipeline Track: From end of Tram Valley Road, track follows driveway; through low tunnel (caution required) then follows pipeline along bulldozed road and track over undulating terrain (very steep in places) to Christian Road near Waitakere Filter Station. 2km, 1 hour 15 minutes.
25. Big Kauri Track: Short track from Huia Dam Road to large kauri tree. 200m 20 minutes return.
26. Opanuku Pipeline Track: A metalled driveway follows pipeline from Mountain Road to Opanuku Stream picnic area (10 minutes); then climbs steeply along clay bulldozed track, and through short tunnel just before Christian Road near Waitakere Filter Station. 1.4km, 40 minutes total.
27. Periputus Track: From Swanson Pipeline Track, track crosses Swanson Stream and ascends steeply to gentle section before ascending extremely steeply to Scenic Drive. l.6km 1 hour 30 minutes.
28. Whatitiri Track: From carpark at end of Falls Road, track leads past gas barbecue into paddock, then descends via tractor tack to cross Waitakere Stream. Track continues through bush for 300m to grass clearing and on through first farm gate; turns left up onto grassland for 700m through two more gates, then turns again to follow bush boundary as track climbs to meet Long Road Track. 2.9km 1 hour.
29. East Tunnel Mouth Track: From Waitakere Filter Station at end of Christian Road, a metalled road leads to east end of Waitakere pipeline tunnel, then continues as a track on steep ascent to saddle on Scenic Drive. 1.2km 30 minutes.
30. West Tunnel Mouth Track: From east end of Waitakere Tramline walk near pipeline tunnel, track ascends gently to Andersen Track. 400m 10 minutes.
31. Lookout Track: Starts from Motutara Road approximately 100 metres east from park shop. Track climbs steep stairway to Domain Crescent, then recommences 150 metres further up road and climbs to spectacular lookout (20 minutes). From lookout, track continues through coastal forest to meet Edwin Mitcheison Track. 700m 25 minutes total.
32. Quarry Track: From Waitea Road track climbs easily through mature nikau and pohutukawa, crosses small stream and eventually meets Lookout Track junction. 450m 15 minutes.
33. Filter Track: From Waitakere Filter Station at end of Christian Road, track ascends spur through kauri grove, very steep in places; views over Auckland; track then crosses flat area at top to Scenic Drive. 500m 45 minutes.
34. Walker Kauri Track: From Mountain Road, track follows easy grade to a large kauri, then narrows and continues down to a second kauri. 750m 30 minutes return.
35. Spragg Bush Walk: From picnic area at the junction of Scenic Drive and Mountain Road, a gentle graded walk leads past historic cemetery to a large kauri; then continues down gentle grade and crosses small stream to rejoin Scenic Drive, 500m north of the picnic area (30 minutes). Two branch tracks link this walk with Turanga Road. The first branch is on the right 30m before the large kauri and meets Turanga Road on its first bend (5 minutes); the second, 200m beyond large kauri, continues downhill to meet c small stream and emerges at end of Turanga Road (10 minutes).Total track distances 2km.
36. Fairy Falls Track: From Scenic Drive opposite parking area, initial section of track is level and metalled but later descends steeply to the top of Fairy Falls (45 minutes). Track then makes an extremely steep descent partly down a boardwalk, beside the falls and continues downstream a short way before a gradual ascent to Mountain Road. 3.2km 2 hours total.
37. Maori Bay Track: Short track which connects Motutara Road and Maori Bay access road. 200m, 10 minutes.
38. Goodfellow Track: From Old Coach Road Track, track leads to kauri covered spur with views of Auckland, then descends around bluffs and continues across two small streams to meet Fairy Falls Track a short distance above the falls. 1 km, 30 minutes.
39. Old Coach Road Track: From Fairy Falls Track on Scenic Drive, track follows line of old road up to the end of Tawari Road, then down to Mountain Road passing large kauri and rimu en route. 2.4km 1 hour.
40. Dreamlands Track: From Scenic Drive down metalled road, track passes partly through private property to Opanuku Road. 400m 20 minutes.
41. Cutty Grass Track: From Scenic Drive, track follows undulating ridge; with a large kauri on left (10 minutes); then reaches Ridge Road Track near its junction with Anawhata Road. Track recommences a short way further north along Ridge Road Track and descends easily to Anawhata Road. 3.6km 1 hour 15 minutes.
42. Large Kauri Walk: From Scenic Drive, an easy short walk to large kauri, (7m girth). 30m 2 minutes return.
43. Lucy Cranwell Track: From Marguerite Track, track descends ridge steeply, crosses stream and joins Kauri Grove Track. 1 km 30 minutes.
44. Crusher Pipe Track: Track branches off Huia Dam Road crossing stream to right of water pipes, then climbs and widens to meet junction of Hamilton Track and Smiths Road. 800m 20 minutes.
45. Rangemore Track: From small parking area on Scenic Drive, west end of track climbs easy grade to knoll with grove of kauri (15 minutes), then descends gradually to rejoin Scenic Drive approximately 1 km from parking area. 1.8km 1 hour.
46. Taumata Track: From Femdown Track, narrow track leads through bush, crosses stream by waterfall and climbs steeply via numerous steps to a saddle; continues up ridge to Parekura Peak with panoramic views over the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours. 900m 1 hour 10 minutes return.
47. Parker Track: From bend on Identification Loop of the Arataki Nature Trail, track goes down a gentle grade to end of Parker Road. 140m 5 minutes.
48. Arataki Nature Trail: A network of three metalled loop walks which starts from Scenic Drive opposite the Park Visitor Centre. The Identification Loop is short and level, whale the upper and lower loops contain graded descents and ascents. 1.6km total. Walks range from 20 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes.
49. Clark Bush Track: Track skirts around headwaters of small stream, passing several large kauri. Three entrances; from Manuka Road (50m from Woodlands Park Road junction), Tainui Road (opposite Ngaio Road) where track descends steeply on steps of 'Bishop' Kauri, and blind end of Tainui Road. Level sections of track exist across the top of the reserve and from the end of Tainui Road. Steep, muddy sections occur between these levels and leading down to and across the stream. 1.8km 1 hour 15 minutes.
50. Exhibition Drive: Starting from Nihotupu Filter Station at the junction of Scenic Dr!ve and Woodlands Park Road, old metalled road (originally a tramline) provides level bush walk with occasional views over Woodlands Park and Manukau Harbour. Meets the south end of Shaw Road near the halfway point and continues to a point overlooking Lower Nihotupu Reservoir at Mackies Rest. 3.2km 45 minutes.
51. Upper Nihotupu Dam Road: Pedestrian access down easy grade from Piha Road to Upper Nihotupu Dam, bypassing two waterfalls enroute. 2.1km 40 minutes total. NB: Access to reservoir and shoreline prohibited. Toilets available 500m down road past dam.
52. Pipeline Road: Near Hula Road and Exhibition Drive intersection, pedestrian access road leads to start of Pipeline Track. 2km 30 minutes. NB: No access permitted along this road beyond this point.
53. Smiths Road: Forks right of Huia Dam Road, crosses bridge over headwaters of Lower Huia Dam then climbs steadily to junction of Crusher Pipe Track and Hamilton Track (20 minutes). load continues to pipe tunnel (no exit). 1.4km 35 minutes total.
54. Kakamatua Inlet Track: From Cornwallis Road, a steep clay track leads down to Kakamatua Inlet. 200m 30 minutes return.
55. Nihotupu Ridge Track: From east end of Parau Track, track follows along undulating ridge between the Kakamatua and Nihotupu watersheds, then descends steeply to join west end of Parau Track. Poorly defined in parts. 4.2km 2 hours 15 minutes.
56. Orpheus Graves Walk: From Cornwallis Road, level walk leads to graves of three sailors who drowned when HMS Orpheus was wrecked on the Manukau Bar in 1863. 50m 5 minutes return.
57. Kakamatua Beach Walk: From parking area beside Kakamatua Stream bridge on Huia Road, level walk to sandy beach at head of tidal inlet. 100m 10 minutes return.
58. Con Bryan Track: From 50m along Hula Lookout road, steep track descends to secluded sandy beach. 300m 20 minutes return.
59. Parau Track: From picnic area at foot of Lower Nihotupu Dam, track ascends to water tank on flat topped ridge, then follows a bulldozed track for 50m. From here track bears right up very steep, deeply ruffed track to ridge top, follows ridge a short distance, then descends steeply to cross Kakamatua Stream. Track then ascends through pines and continues over gently undulating terrain and across small stream to Nihotupu Ridge Track junction. Track continues a short distance along ridge and a right to descend to swing bridge below Lower Hula Dam. A short branch on the right leads to top of dam. 6.2km 3 hours 45 minutes.
60. Panto Track: From north side of Hula Road, 200m east of Cornwallis Road turnoff; wide track climbs to clearing amongst pines, forks right then narrows and follows ridge to Parau Track. 3.1km 1 hour 15 minutes.
61. Kakamatua Ridge Track: Track climbs undulating ridge from Farley Track to Parau Track. 1.2km 30 minutes.
62. Farley Track: From Parau Track near Hula Stream swing bridge, track passes over gently undulating ground with several bridge crossings over stream to a small waterfall; from here, grated track climbs to Kakamatua Ridge Track (45 minutes). Track then descends to and crosses Kakamatua Stream before gradual ascent to join Panto Track, 300m from Huia Road. 3.2km 1 hour 45 minutes total.
63. Hula Dam Road: From locked gate on top of Lower Hula Dam, road meanders besides reservoir initially, then follows Huia Valley by passing Smiths Road (30 minutes) and Christies Track (50 minutes) to meet Upper Hula Dam. 6km 1 hour 15 minutes total. NB. Gates located near entrance to Twin Peaks Track are locked at 4pm.
64. Manukau Bar View Walk: Short, level, metalled walk from Whatipu Road to view of Manukau Harbour entrance and bar. 200m 10 minutes return.
65. Mt Donald McLean Walk: Easy graded, metalled walk ascends from parking area and circles to summit. Viewing platforms give panoramic views of Auckland City, the southern Waitakere Ranges, and Manukau Harbour. 500m 30 minutes return.
66. Omanawanui Track: From Whatipu Road opposite Puriri Ridge Track, track follows gentle undulating ridge before descending gradually to meet road again (15 minutes). Track re enters bush nearby and continues along ridge with steep sections (caution required); rewarding views of Manukau Harbour entrance, Awhitu Peninsula and Whatipu. Track swings off ridge and descends steeply to Whatipu parking area. 3km 2 hours 15 minutes total.
67. Signal House Track: Branch track from Omanawanui Track follows ridge to site of Signalman's House, above Paratutae Island. (Captain Wing operated the signals on Paratutae Island for ships entering the Manukau Harbour in the 1850s and 1860s). 400m 20 minutes return.
68. Hula Ridge Track: From Piha Road, opposite Cowan Track, track follows Hula watershed fenceline through to Lone Kauri Road Track re enters bush and follows undulating ridge around the upper Hula watershed before swinging right along ridge between the Karamatura and Pararaha headwaters. Track then crosses a boardwalk and a small tributary of each valley before joining Walker Ridge Track. 6km 2 hours 45 minutes.
69. Zigzag Track: From parking area on View Road, track descends valley to Titirangi Beach Road. 1.2km 30 minutes.
70. Twin Peaks Track: From Lower Huia Dam road, track ascends very steeply (good views) to 'Tom Thumb' Kauri, then traverses Twin Peaks and Te Toiokawharu (highest point in Waitakere Ranges no view) and along undulating ridge to Huia Ridge Track. 3km 2 hours 30 minutes.
71. Karamatura Track: From junction of Tom Thumb Track and Karamatura Loop Walk, track climbs steeply over short distance before descending to White Stream (branch to Karamatura Falls), then ascends steep zigzag section to spur which climbs easily to Donald McLean Track. 2km 1 hour.
72. Donald McLean Track: From Mt Donald McLean parking area, metalled track follows undulating ridge to junction of Hula Ridge Track and Walker Ridge Track. 2.2km 45 minutes.
73. Bob Gordon Track: A loop from Donald McLean Tack descends ridge to sites of old kauri dam and bushman's camp on tributary of Whatipu Stream; then climbs back up ridge on opposite side of stream to join Donald McLean Track 1.4km 45 minutes.
74. Fletcher Track: From Karamatura Loop Walk, track ascends long steep spur with very steep, short climb to main ridge with view over Hula, then continue; along undulating ridge to Donald McLean Track. 3.1 km 1 hour 30 minutes.
75. Tom Thumb Track: From Karamatura Track, track crosses Karamatura Stream (unsafe when in flood), then ascends steeply to lead around bluffs with views o Manukau Harbour. Track continues over fairly even ground then climbs to meet Twin Peaks Track beside 'Tom Thumb' Kauri and steep section of Twin Peaks Track 1.6km 40 minutes.
76. Tom Thumb By Pass Track: Between Tom Thumb track and Twin Peaks Track, track by passes the 'Tom Thumb' Kauri and steep section of Twin Peaks Track 600m 15 minutes.
77. Goat Hill Track: From 'Tom Thumb' Kauri on Twin Peaks Track, track ascend: steeply to top of Goat Hill; views of Manukau Harbour and Huia Valley. 200m 30 minutes return.
78. Walker Ridge Track: From junction of Donald McLean Track and Hula Ridge Track, track follows undulating ridge to junction of Gibbons Track and Muir Track; several steep sections. 2.8km 1 hour 30 minutes.
79. Gibbons Track: From 100m along northern i beach access beside campground fenceline track ascends to cliff-tops. There it follows an old logging road with good views; then veers inland to junction of Muir Track and Walker Ridge Track. 3.2km 2 hours.
80. Odlin Timber Track: From parking area on Lone Kauri Road, track descends to cross Pararaha Stream, then ascends over saddle, across Cowan Stream and up long spur to Walker Ridge Track at Orange Peel Corner. 2.8km 2 hours.
81. Auxiliary Dam Track: From Piha Road track follcws old access road to the (now empty) Nihotupu Auxiliary Dam, then narrows and continues with some muddy patches and stream crossings to meet Cutty Grass Track. 2.4km 1 hour.
82. Destruction Gully Track: From Whatipu Road, metalled track leads to seat and lookout. Unmetalled track then follows spur be ore descending steeply to stream which it follows to the sea, past harbour bear=s. 1.2km 45 minutes.
83. Pararaha Valley Track: Starting behind large sand dune at entrance to Pararaha Valley, track follows northern bank of Pararaha Stream, fording the stream to junction of Muir Track by large grassy area and shelter. 1.1 km 20 minutes.
84. Muir Track: From Pararaha Valley Track by large grassy clearing and shelter, steep track ascends around a rocky outcrop and up a tributary valley to meet Gibbons Track and Walker Ridge Track. 1.2km 45 minutes.
85. Buck Taylor Track: From carpark on Lone Kauri Road, track climbs to gate; then continues down ridge, dropping steeply to meet Pararaha Valley Track beside Waihuna Stream. 1.8km 45 minutes.
86. Zion Hill Track: From picnic area along Poi Glade Walk, track ascends steeply to Zion Hill and descends gently on the other side crossing Waihuna Stream to meet Buck Taylor Track. 3.6km 1 hour 20 minutes.
87. Horoeka Track: From Piha Road, track descends s eep spur to Karekare Road beside Karekare Stream bridge; views of lower Karekare Valley and West Coast. 1.4km 30 minutes.
88. Zion Ridge Track: From Buck Taylor Track, track follows along level ridge and meets Zion Hill Track on Zion Hill. 1.4km 40 minutes.
89. Gap Gallery: A short track cut into cliff face allowing access across wide deep gut in rocks. (Caution: negotiation of headland governed by tide and sea conditions).
90. Ahu Ahu Track: From Te Ahu Ahu Road, track follows old bridle path on a steeply graded descent. Lower portion of track follows a mown trail that leads to sandy saddle behind The Watchman at Karekare. 2.2km 1 hour.
91. Comans Track: From Ahu Ahu Track, track (rocky and steep in places) follows cliff top above Mercer Bay with excellent views, then descends very steeply to saddle behind The Watchman. 1.4km 1 hour.
92. Mercer Bay Loop Walk: From parking area by site of World War II radar station (now a navigation beacon) at end of Log Race Road, metalled walk passes through regenerating bush and leads around Takatu Head with views over Piha and the Tasman Sea. A mown track then descends along cliff top to Te Ahua Point above Mercer Bay. Walk loops back then climbs steadily up small vclley to gate on south side of Log Race Road parking area. A short branch tracks joins Te Ahua Point with Ahu Ahu Track. 1.4km 1 hour 30 minutes round trip.
93. Cave Rock Track: Steep track leads off to the left at the beginnng of Pohutukawa Glade, and winds uphill to the top of bluffs above a Maori shelter cave. Views over Karekare. 250m 40 minutes return.
94. La Trobe Track: From Lone Kauri Road, down a metalled access road, track starts on the right and follows along ridge between Company and Karekare ekare Streams; track eventually descends steeply the north side of the ridge across Murdoch Stream and winds down to Karekare Road, 100m north of parking area. 3km 1 hour 30 minutes. Short branch track enroute leads to Werera viewpoint with panoramic views over Karekare and upper Karekare Valley.
95. Kitekite Track: An easy, level metalled track from carpark at end of Glen Esk Road, follows Glen Esk Stream then forks. Track branching right, ascends steep spur, edges around the valley slopes (good views), and descends steps to foot of Kitekite Falls. Track branching left crosses stream them climbs steeply up kauri covered spur with steps to foot of falls. 1.8km 45 minutes.
96. Kauri Grove Track: Track leaves Piha Road and traverses remnant kauri forest; continues around headwaters of Glen Esk Stream and descends easily to Jssher Cross, then to top of Kitekite Falls, beside site of old driving dam; it then crosses stream to meet Connect Track. 3km 1 hour 15 minutes.
97. Winstone Track: Easy, metalled track leaves Piha Road, just before Karekare eK Road turnoff and descends to Ussher Cross (30 minutes); continues across G Esk Stream, climbs a ridge and continues up gentle grade along south side o ridge through young kauri groves to meet Home Track. 2km 1 hour total.
98. Home Track: From parking area on Piha Road, track follows along gently descending ridge (muddy in places), before a final steep descent to end of Glen Esk Road, 3.8km 1 hour 30 minutes.
99. Marguerite Track: Links Home Track with Kauri Grove Track. En rout track crosses two streams in headwaters of Glen Esk Valley and edge around intervening spurs with some mature kauri. 2.3km 1 hour 30 minutes.
100. Centennial Track: From McElwain Loop Walk, track leads to high rock bluff. From this point, track descends a series of rock steps and continues around several small valleys down to Black Rock Dam on Piha Stream (J minutes). Track crosses stream, then climbs steeply to Home Track. 3km 2 hours total.
101. Piha Valley Track: From carpark at end of Glen Esk Road, easy, leve track follows bank of Find Stream past McKenzie Track junction to a fork (30 minutes): left hand branch leads upstream into the lower end of the Piha Gorge while main track makes a steep ascent to Centennial Track, a short distance above Black Rock Dam. 2.2km 1 hour 30 minutes total.
102. McKenzie Track: From small clearing on Piha Valley Track, track ascends, steeply in places, to a ridge which it follows to McKenzie Junction; views of Piha Valley. 1.1 km 45 minutes.
103. Pole Line Track: From small parking area on Anawhata Road, track leads to McKenzie Junction, along level section of former power line route. 800m 20 minutes.
104. Quarry Track: From McElwain Loop Walk, undulating track lecds to McKenzie Junction. 1.1 km 25 minutes.
105. Forbes Track: From Centennial Track, just upstream from Black Rock Dam, track ascends very steeply to ridge and follows gently undulating route cround the head of a tributary of the Rind Stream, then ascends to Quarry Track near McKensie Junction 1.1km 45 minutes
106. Taraire Track: Leaves Lone Kauri Road, 100m up road from bridge adjacent to Karekare parking area, and leads to picnic area at foot of Karekare f alls (5 minutes); from here track climbs steeply to spur alongside Opal Pool Scream, crossing saddle and Company Stream for final ascent to La Trobe Track. The track passes through one of the largest groves of taraire in the Waitakere Ranges. 900m 30 minutes total.
107. Maungaroa Ridge Track: From McKenzie Junction, track follows undulating ridge between Piha and Wekatahi Streams to Maungaroa Lookout Track. 2.2km 45 minutes.
108. Maungaroa Lookout Track: From midway along Glen Esk Road, track leads across Piha Stream and ascends very steeply to Maungaroa Ridge. Near ti the top a short branch leads to Kitenui Lookout and, just beyond junction with Maungaroa Ridge Track, a second branch track goes to Maungaroa Trig for views over Piha. The main track winds steeply down other side of ridge, crossing Wekatahi Stream twice and passes into Nikau Grove Walk. 1.9km 1 hour 15 minutes.
109. Pohutukawa Glade Walk: The walk leaves lone Kauri Road across bridge adjacent to the Karekare parking area; passes through grassy picnic areas along level sandy track and out over dunes at the south end of Karekare. Beach. Part of walk may be covered in water during wet periods. 500m 10 minutes.
110. White Track: From Anawhata Road, track follows level driveway then branches left to descend steeply with some steps along east side of cliff-top to meet Marawhara walk at stream 1.3km 45 minutes.
111. Marawhara Walk: From small parking area beside the second bridge on the North Piha road, an easy graded walk leads to a picnic area beside Marawhara stream 600m 10 mnutes
112. Nikau Grove Walk: A level, metalled walk from end of Garden Road passes through grove of nikau beside Wekatahi Stream and meets Maungaroa Lookout Track at the first stream crossing. 580m 10 minutes.
113. Rose Track: From Anawhata Road, track descends steeply down private concrete driveway, branches right just before Rose's cottage, then descends to Whites Beach, (20 minutes). Track continues from northern corner of beach and ascends steeply over point to Fisherman Rock Point. 700m one way total 2 hours return.
114. McElwain Loop Walk: From opposite parking area along Anawhata Road, walk leads uphill along easy grade to wooden lookout platform with steps (15 minutes), giving views of upper Piha Valley and coast to Muriwai. Walk then descends easily on opposite side to Quarry Track, then turns left to return to Anawhata Road. 1 km 40 minutes total.
115. Anawhata Beach Track: From end of Anawhata Road, track passes down driveway then branches off right to become a steep, metalled track down small valley, finally crossing dune to south end of Anawhata Beach. 700m one way 1 hour return.
116. Waitakere Dam Walk: From large parking area on Scenic Drive, walk follows driveway down to the Waitakere Dam. A short branch midway down leads to a 7m girth kauri. 1.4km 30 minutes.
117. Lion Rock Track: From beach near the Lion's tail track ascends up his back to a grassy lookout on his shoulders; from here track becomes a steep climb with steps up his mane to the top of his head (caution required). 220m one way 1 hour return.
118. Arthur Mead Track: From Find Road, track descends steeply to Karekare Stream. 600m 20 minutes.
119. Sharp Bush Track: From Mountain Road level metalled track leads to a kauri grove (5 minutes). Track then descends steeply one side of ridge and follows old bulldozed road, then fords Stoney Creek to meet Opanuku Road. 1.2km 20 minutes total.
120. Hettig Track: From Anawhata Road, opposite Chateau Mosquito Track entrance, track descends steeply with some steps, then follows valley floor over rough, sometimes indistinct route to Marawhara Stream at site of old dam. 500m 20 minutes. NB: Extreme caution required when going downstream from here.
121. Byers Walk: Easy level walk crosses footbridge at end of Glen Esk Road and follows Glen Esk Stream past picnic area through groves of ponga and nikau, to footbridge crossing stream to join Kitekite Track. A second footbridge connects Kitekite Track and Byers Walk near the picnic area. 400m 15 minutes.
122. Connect Track: Track connects Winstone Track with Kitekite Track near Kitekite Falls. 300m 20 minutes.
123. Tasman Lookout Track: Steep track with some steps ascends cliffs at south end of Piha Beach. At the top, a short branch to the right leads to lookout point over Piha and Taitomo Island. Track continues around cliff top to second lookout overlooking The Gap. 600m 40 minutes
124. Monument Track: From parking area at end of Cornwallis Road, track leads through pines and regenerating bush up to McLachlan Monument. 200m 20 minutes return.
125. Cowan Track: From Find Road, track descends over uneven ground, deeply rutted with roots, to bridge on Kauri Grove Track. 200m 10 minutes.
126. Laird Thomson Track: From north end of Find Beach, track ascends steeply to saddle of Te Waha Point. A short side branch to the left leads to lookout with views of Piha and Whites Beach (5 min). Main track continues from Te Waha Point saddle up ridge and along short length of private drive to Rose Track. 600m 35 minutes.
127. Ferndown Track: From parking area at Pope Godley Reserve (off Opanuku Road), track crosses stream to grassy area then enters regenerating bush and follows descending ridge to end of Grassmere Road. 2.2km 45 minutes.
128. Puriri Ridge Track: Starting 20m from carpark along Donald McLean Track, track circuits valley basin then follows undulating ridge, with good views, down to Whatipu Road. 2km 45 minutes.
129. Waitoru Reserve Track: In an anticlockwise direction from small carpark on Bethells Road, loop track marked with red discs ascends easily through young podocarp forest to a high point. Track then descends to a point near farmland, and eventually back to the carpark. 1 km 45 minutes. NB: The Waitoru Reserve, owned by Waitakere City Council and jointly managed by the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society and Waitakere Ranges Protection Society, features fine stands of rimu and kajikatea
130. Jubilee Walk: From bus parking area, off Pine Avenue, easy walk follows coast cliffs and rejoins Pine Avenue near park gate. Walk continues across road and follows easy grade to car parking area at the end of Pine Avenue. 1.8km 1 hour 15 minutes.
131. Houghton Track: From Lake Wainamu Track, track ascends steeply up spur to main ridge; then can Los gradually to junction of Smythe Ridge Track, Kuataika Track and Wainamu Bush Track. 2.1 km 1 hour.
132. Lake Wainamu Track: From carpark on Bethells Road, ay bridge crossing Waiti Stream, track follows this shallow stream along easy grade to Lake Wainamu outlet, then skirts around lake, and crosses Wainamu Stream by a small waterfall. Track continues further around lake to boundary fence. Urn 1 hour 15 minutes.
133. Upper Hula Dam Track: From carpark on Piha Road, track follows line of old dam construction tramline. Several small stream crossings. First reservoir views not far from dam. 4km 1 hour 30 minutes.
134. Nugget Track: Track climbs from Upper Hula Dam through tall stands of kauri and podocarp forest to meet Hula Ridge Track. Some steep and slippery sections. 2km 1 hour.
135. Christies Track: Drops steadily beside gully from Summit Track near western end of Upper Nihotupu Dam. Some muddy patches. Crosses Hula Stream just before final short climb to Hula Dam Road. 1.8km 1 hour 15 minutes.
136. Hamilton Track: Climbs gently from Crusher Pipe Track to cross Summit Track (35 minutes). Continues down into Nihotupu catchment with great views, and large kauri trees to Nihotupu Dam Road end. 2.8km 1 hour 25 minutes total.
137. Summit Track: Follows sharp ridge from western end of Upper Nihotupu Dam to cross Hamilton Track (40 minutes). Track then climbs steeply at first then steadily to meet Nihotupu Ridge Track. 2.6km 1 hour 40 minutes total.
138 Nihotupu Dam Road: Section of private Watercare Services road open to pedestrian public, from Pipeline Track to Hamilton Track. 1.3km 20 minutes.
139. Incline Track: From Nihotupu Dam Road wide track crosses the Nihotupu Stream then climbs steadily, then very steeply to meet grassy track bypassing Hauler Tunnel on Nihotupu Tramline. Large, squat kauri marks top of track. Surface slippery in places. 800m 30 minutes.
140. Pipeline Track: Wide track branches off Pipeline Road to junction of Slip Track (2 minutes). Track then narrows and continues over undulating ground crossing wooden bridge above Nihotupu Stream just before reaching Nihotupu Dam Road. 900m 25 minutes.
141. Slip Track: Track climbs steeply from Pipeline Track, reducing in width till it reaches an open grassy area and small stream (20 minutes). Track narrows after stream and continues climbing, crossing Nihotupu Tramline to meet Scenic Drive. 900m 25 minutes total.
142. Te Henga Goldie Bush Walkway: From carpark a short distance off Bethells Road, track crosses Waitakere River and proceeds towards the sea, climbing steadily to skirt around headland to the back of O'Neill Bay. Track then climbs steeply to cliff top and follows coastal cliffs before ascending a ridge to Constable Road. 8km 5 hours. NB: Closed for lambing 1 August 1 October Track recommences 500m north along Constable Road at Motutara Scenic Reserve, and descends to Mokoroa Stream where track forks. Left fork follows stream up to Mokoroa Falls. (Route is difficult to follow and is recommended for experienced trampers only.) Right fork crosses stream, then climbs steeply at first, to Mokoroa Falls Track just before Horseman Road. 4.9km 3 hours. NB: This track is part of a proposed system of NZ Walkways administered by the Department of Conservation, As parts of the walkway pass through private land, and are open to the public through the goodwill of owners, walkers are requested to respect the owners' property and farm animals. Dogs are not permitted.
143. Kura Track: From a bridge (250m before Whatipu Lodge), track follows markers across farmland. Track enters bush and meanders alongside Whatipu Stream for 40 minutes then climbs in progressive steps to meet Puriri Ridge Track. 3.6km 1 hour 45 minutes.