Track Details

  • Puketi Forest HQ to Camp Creek: 7.4km, 3-4hrs
  • Camp Creek via Walnut and Puketea Ridge to Forest Road: 14.5km, 5-8hrs

The tramp to Forest Pools begins from the Puketi Recreation Area and takes you to Camp Creek (the recommended camping site). Return upstream 500 metres to pick up the Walnut Track and carry on up Pirau Rd to take the Pukatea Ridge Route, which eventually runs back down to the Waipapa River Track again and emerges from the Forest at Forest Pools. It is a scenic tramp following the Waipapa River through the heart of Puketi Forest and passes through regenerating shrub land, podacarp hardwood forest, and mature kauri stands.

The Waipapa River Track was a direct through-route to Forest Pools until early 2006. Due to changes in the depth and course of the river, the middle section of the track has been diverted up the Walnut Track away from the river and returns via Puketea Ridge to follow the lower section to Forest Pools.
River crossings are necessary in many places and care must be taken in times of flood and high rainfall. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and sit out high river levels. 
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