Track Details

  • Bethells Rd to Constable Rd 9.5km or 3 - 4 hr one way
  • Bethells Rd to O'Neill's Bay 2 km or 45 min one way

This track is now part of the Hillary Trail which connects a network of existing tracks and basic backpacker campgrounds in the Waitakere Ranges. Track follows coastal cliffs and is rutted and steep in sections, it becomes slippery after periods of rain, take care around old slip sites.

From Bethells Rd the Te Henga Walkway crosses the Waitakere River by footbridge, rising along a graded section, to superb views of lagoons, dunes and the west coast surf down to O'Neill's Bay, where you can return along Bethells Beach.

To continue along Te Henga Walkway, the track climbs steeply then follows along the cliff-top where you may see gannets diving for fish. The track exits, through a farm valley and another steep climb, to Constable Rd. Care is needed on this track, which traverses coastal cliffs and is uneven and muddy in places (an upgrade is planned).

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