Track Details

  • Start either at Pawarenga in the north or Mitimiti in the South and camp in forest, finishing trip on the following day.

This 22-km tramping track offers the backcountry adventurer a great tramping experience in one of Northland's wilderness areas.The track runs through the Warawara forest ending at Pawarenga in the north or Mitimiti in the south-west. To walk this track comfortably it is recommended you set aside two days to complete, camping overnight in the forest. It can be turned into a round trip by returning to Mitimiti via the coast beginning with the Golden Stairs walk along the Whangape harbour entrance.

Warawara is a mountainous forest locally known as the 'spirit forest'. Rated second in Northland in the biodiversity rankings, Warawara is home to many threatened and endangered species including New Zealand's smallest bird, the rifleman/titipounamu. Kiwi still survive here, as do kākā and long-tailed bats.

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