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  • Start at the Surf club: 5km 2-3hrs return

This 5km track traverses across beach, cliff-tops, farmland and bush areas. The high quality grading of the track has made it one of the top attractions in the Whangarei area. You will enjoy outstanding views of Bream Head, the hen and Chicken Islands, and all the way down to the Hauraki Gulf including the Mokohinau Islands and Great/Little Barrier.

Mangawhai's sand dunes are a dominant feature of the harbour, and are home to the rare fairy and Caspian tern, variable oystercatcher and the New Zealand dotterel.

To walk along the beach, you will need to know what the tide is doing. Depending on the tide times, you can go up the ridge first, or vice versa.

Warning: It must be low tide for you to embark on the return loop, and to return from the cliff top to the beach. If there is water surging through the gap in the massive rock formation, you have misjudged the tide and you must return via the cliff route.

Take extreme caution when ascending up the cliffs or descending down to the beach because of the steepness and eroded nature of the ocean-facing cliffs.

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