Track Details

This stunning coastal walkway traverses a variety of beautiful and unique landforms, and offers spectacular views of the cape region.The walkway follows the coastline of Te Paki, and runs from Kapowairua / Spirits Bay on the East Coast, past Cape Reinga, Cape Maria van Dieman and Te Paki Stream on the West Coast. From there, you can continue along 90 Mile Beach all the way to Ahipara.The walkway is made up of interlinking track sections, which lead you across dunes, idyllic beaches and rugged headlands.
  • Kapowairua (Spirits Bay) to Pandora: 2.5-4hrs, 8.5km
  • Pandora to Tapotupotu Bay: 2.5-3.25hrs, 9km
  • Tapotupotu Bay to Cape Reinga: 1.5-2.5hrs, 4.5km
  • Cape Reinga to Te Werahi Beach: .5hr, 1.25km
  • Te Werahi Beach to Twilight Beach: 2-3hrs, 7.25km
  • Twilight Beach to Te Paki Stream: 2.5-4hrs, 12km